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The Dragon is fourth among all the Chinese zodiac animals. According to one folktale, the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the animals would be determined according to the order by which they arrived at his party. The Dragon was the favorite to arrive at first. However, the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, and the Rabbit arrived before him. The Dragon stays to be in a very high reputation in Chinese culture and it represents auspiciousness and imperial power since the ancient times. This is the story about the Dragon in Chinese culture. You can learn more about the Chinese Zodiac Signs and their respective 2021 predictions on the Chinese New Year website.

Year of the Dragon

When asked why he was late, the Dragon said he went past a village suffering from drought on the way to the party. He then had to create rain for them before proceeding.

Dragons are strong-willed and independent, but they long for love and support.

The Dragon is included in the Earthly Branch (地支—dì zhī) chén (辰) and the hours of 07:00-9:00 in the morning. Between yin and yang (阴阳—yīn yáng), the Dragon is yang.

Meanwhile, along with the Celestial Stems (天干—Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. The Earthly Branch of the Dragon is associated with earth, but its years cycle through the five elements of nature (五行—wǔ xíng). Recent years of the Dragon include: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024.


Personality and Traits

Dragon's Personality and Traits
Wood1964, 2024These Dragons live a serene life with surpluses. If they’re entrepreneurs. However, they cannot depend on their families.
Fire1976, 2036These Dragons are smart and enjoy going out with friends. They will prosper in the middle stages of their lives.
Earth1928, 1988These Dragons are very optimistic. They are friendly and do not bully the weak. They like to surround themselves with supportive people.   
Metal1940, 2000These Dragons are compassionate and are very straightforward. They enjoy success and wealth because they are talented and strategic.
Water1952, 2012These Dragons earn fame and a reputation through their hard work. They tend to overthink and worry but it passes over time.

Men born in the Year of the Dragon are firm in their beliefs. They are incredibly responsible and people usually put their trust in them. These men are efficient when it comes to finances and they pay much attention to it. They dream of being popular and they are adventurous entrepreneurs at heart. Their lives revolve around work, although their efforts can be wasted sometimes. These men can live alone and they either marry at a young age or remain single. They need a partner who can support them to build a career. They are not afraid of challenges, and willing to take risks. 

Women born in the Dragon year are strong-willed and enchanting. They cannot be underestimated as they are capable of standing up for themselves. They are serious with everything they do and they only seek respect from others. These Dragon women are also advocates of feminism and gender equality. Many choose their careers over marriage, although those who get married make for great wives.   


Dragon compatibility

Most compatible with Dragon: Rooster, Monkey, and Rat

  • Roosters look up to Dragons and provide them with much-needed support in times of trouble.
  • Dragons and Monkeys are compatible because they are both imaginative and innovative. However, Dragons should be careful as Monkeys don’t pull any tricks up their sleeves.
  • Dragons are attracted to the humor and reliability of Rats. Their personalities also complement each other.

Least compatible with Dragon: Dog, Rabbit, and Dragons

  • Dragons and Dogs struggle to understand each other and are least compatible.
  • Although Dragons and Rabbits have the same interests, they can only put up with each other to some extent.
  • Dragons also don’t complement themselves. It is difficult for them to maintain a peaceful relationship since they are independent and stubborn.

Lucky things for Dragons

  • Colors: The lucky colors include White, Yellow and Red
  • Numbers: 2 and 8
  • Accessories/Ornaments: anything brown
  • Auspicious directions: Northeast & Southeast

Careers fit for Dragons

People who are born in the Chinese Dragon year are quick thinkers and excel at mentally-exhausting tasks. Thus, they are fit for fields like arts, politics, and education. Like a teacher, sales person, journalist etc.

Dragons are at their best when working in groups because they tend to be indecisive when working alone. Although they are great at planning and have bright ideas, they need assistance with the intricate details.

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Health and lifestyle

Dragons rarely get sick but when they do, it can be a real cause for concern because Dragons are blessed with excellent health, both mentally and physically. As highly motivated workers, it’s challenging to slow down and take personal time and their desirable characteristics lead to better life outcomes. And if given more attention to their finances, the financial life will turn out successful even in difficult time. Their health is sometimes neglected when they become too invested in work. Problems with friends and family can have an adverse effect on the mental health of Dragons. They may also suffer from insomnia.

Dragons should be especially mindful of their digestive, urinary, and circulatory systems. To avoid health problems, Dragons must remember to make time for much-needed rest and relaxation.

Dragons in the Year of the Ox (2021)

Dragon in the year of the Ox

A fluctuating Year of the Ox awaits the Dragon natives. As they are under unfavorable stars this year, several hindrances will come in your way, which and you will find it difficult to reach your goal. However, you rule your own life and you have control over the factors around you. Due to the constant flow of “Yin” energy around you, you will need assistance in both professional or personal life from females around you.

However, you should just need to focus on your work and perform well in all life endeavors. Several rumors can surround you. which may distract you. Worse, you may get involved in a legal matter, which is why you must remain cautious, calm, and focused.


With regard to love and relationship, these Dragon natives will have a good year for them. They will remain extremely popular among the opposite sex, which they will enjoy as well. Those who are single should thoroughly search around and prepare to meet the one they were waiting for as conditions are favorable for them. Hence, they should go out, socialize, and make new connections. Dragons also tend to enjoy others who are intriguing, and when they find the right partners, they’ll usually spend or give in to that person for life.On the other hand, those who are in a relationship will take it to the next level and may hear wedding bells soon. However, married Dragons must try and maintain a distance from the opposite sex since there are chances of them falling into an illicit affair. Talking about love compatibility, Dragons share a great bond with Rat and Monkey, but things can go otherwise with Dog and Ox.



Dragon natives who are working as full-time employees or those with a stable job will earn well enough to sustain themselves. However, things can be quite different for those working on the commission since things can be fluctuating. Therefore, these natives must avoid making big investments, especially in the first half of 2021. Therefore, avoid acting impulsively and be rational when making financial decisions. Do not just believe in hearsays and carry out the research yourself.

Also, you must keep a budget to avoid going overboard. Save up and do not get into gambling as luck doesn’t seem to favor you in the year of the ox.


The Year of the Metal Ox is full of hope for the Dragon natives. that you will make great progress in terms of your career. Your career graph will rise and you will attain your goals, as long as you work hard and put efforts in the matter. In 2021, a friend or boss will help you, so you should be respectful, particularly for females. You should show your skills and potentials and always do your best.

In the workplace, you may get a salary increase or even a promotion. Just continue taking advantage of the opportunities and work hard to move ahead in life. If you have a business, you are then advised to have a well-planned strategy and not make any drastic move. After all, any major move can lead to a huge problem.



Dragons may be under stress throughout the year 2021 due to work. However, don’t let it drag you down and learn to adapt to the changing situations. Avoid overworking since it will greatly affect your health. Meanwhile, eat well and maintain a balanced diet since you may face digestion and abdominal issues. Take your medicines on time, especially if you are suffering from any chronic disease. Choose what you eat cautiously and stay away from unhygienic foods.

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Were you born a Dragon?

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