Year of the Pig » Meaning, Personality & Prediction in 2021

The Pig is twelfth and last in the order of all the Chinese zodiac animals. According to one folktale in ancient times, the Jade Emperor decided that the order of the animals would be determined according to the order by which they arrived at his party. The Pig overslept and was the last animal to reach the party. In another story, the home of the Pig was destroyed by a wolf. He had to rebuild his house before he could set off and ended up twelfth in the order. You can learn more about the 2021 predictions in Chinese New Year!

Year of the Pig

The Pig is associated with the Earthly Branch (地支—dì zhī) hài (亥), and the hours of 09:00–11:00 in the evening. In terms of yin and yang (阴阳—yīn yáng), the Pig is yin. Pigs are also used to represent wealth. Their chubby faces and large ears are also symbols of fortune. Learn more about the predictions for 2021 in Chinese New Year.

Pigs have heartwarming personalities and are endowed with good fortune in life.

Along with the Celestial Stems (天干—Tiān gān), there is a 60-year calendrical cycle. The Earthly Branch of the Pig is associated with earth, but its years cycle through the five elements of nature (五行—wǔ xíng). Recent years of the Pig include: 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019.


Pig’s Year: Personality and traits

Pig's Personality and Traits

Pigs may not garner much attention in public but they are very sensible and true to their words. They are good at handling their finances and like to treat themselves occasionally. They can be a bit materialistic but their desire for new belongings motivates them to work hard. Pigs are very active and optimistic even when tasked with boring jobs. If given the opportunity, they would take positions of power and status.     

Metal1971, 2031These Pigs tend to be lazy but are capable of concentrating at work. With the right amount of effort, they are destined to succeed but they must learn to handle their finances better.
Water1983, 2043These Pigs have remarkable ideas but they can easily be influenced by others. They are good listeners and communicate well with their friends and family. In general, they have good fortune and shall retire wealthy.
Wood1935, 1995These Pigs don’t place much importance on their finances. They must learn to save and maintain emergency funds. They take life day by day and are not fazed by challenges.  
Fire1947, 2007These Pigs rely heavily on others and are best fit for jobs that demand cooperation and teamwork. They are capable of building a strong foundation for their careers if they focus on their craft. They are excellent at managing their finances and get along well with others. However, they struggle a bit when it comes to romantic relationships.
Earth1959, 2019These Pigs are very good at socializing. They get much support in both work and life. They generally have good fortune and enjoy are most successful in the later stages of their lives.

Men born in the Pig’s year have positive mindsets and is a determined person or are determined to achieve their goals in life. They are not very efficient with their finances and can be susceptible to scams because of their naivety.

These men are also not very good at communication. They are smart but struggle to turn their knowledge into words. Nevertheless, they have a large circle of friends because of their inherent kindness. Whenever they are faced with obstacles in life, there will always be people ready to lend them a helping hand.

Women born in the year of the Pig are quite adventurous. They love to socialize and meet new people. Since they have easygoing personalities, it is easy for others to trust them. These women have good luck when it comes to wealth and should learn to spend wisely. They may not start well of in life but are capable of keeping the money flowing thanks to their hard work.  

They are also very organized at home. When their rooms are messy, they are willing to stay up all night until it is clean. Playing with children also brings them joy. However, their friendliness may also be their weakness. They sometimes have a tendency to be too friendly and invade the personal space of others.


Pig’s compatibility

Most compatible with Pig: Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat

  • The bravery of Tigers give Pigs the sense of security they desire.
  • The warmth and intelligence of Pigs are highly attractive to Rabbits.
  • Pigs and Goats have similar interests and goals in life.

Least compatible with Pig: Snake, and Monkey

  • Pigs and Snakes find it difficult to compromise and have biases against each other.
  • A relationship between Pigs and Monkeys would be full of tension.

Lucky things for Pigs

  • Colors: yellow, brown, gray and gold
  • Numbers: 2, 5, and 8
  • Accessories/Ornaments: yellow or red pendant
  • Auspicious directions: southeast and northeast

Unlucky things

  • Colors: gray, white, and blue
  • Unlucky numbers:1 and 6
  • Unlucky directions: Southeast and Northwest

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Careers fit for Pigs

Pigs are well-mannered and rarely lose their temper. Even when they throw a fit, the tension is never overly dramatic since they always try to compromise resolve issues quickly. Since their advocacy is for everyone to live in harmony, they are the best fit for charity work and fundraising.

Pigs are also very understanding. When others make mistakes, they correct them without humiliating them. These traits along with their patience make great teachers and coaches. Pigs who are interested in business must be willing to take risks. They may face challenges early on but they are likely going to end up very wealthy.

Health and lifestyle

Pigs usually have strong and resilient bodies. They live active lifestyles and never seem to run out of energy. They are naturally healthy but can sometimes overlook minor symptoms that may lead to health complications.

Pigs are also often busy with their careers. They can even be affected by changes in the season so they must remember to make time for some rest and relaxation. If they are not mindful of what they eat, they can be prone to diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart problems.

pigs in the year of the ox

Pigs in the Year of the Ox (2021)

Chinese New Year finds mixed predictions for Pig natives in the Year of the Ox 2021. This means that neither they will generally have a good nor bad year. Instead, a balance of opportunities and obstacles is in store, so they must remain attentive throughout the year. They shouldn’t make any major decisions. One of the stars influencing this year is Yi Ma Star or Horse Messenger Star, which shows ample travel opportunities for 2021. You are advised to suggest your ideas in front of everyone and be flexible in your approach.

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Pig natives need to rely on themselves more than others and work harder to achieve their objectives. Be a team player whenever a new project comes in and pay attention to every detail. The Year of the Ox 2021 is not favourable for your career, so you are advised not to change your job or make big career-defining decisions. Unemployed natives will find it difficult to find a suitable job this year, so you better learn new skills or knowledge.



Pigs are advised to stay low profile and avoid making any investment or monetary transactions. Also, before making financial decisions, you must research well and check market conditions before going ahead with any purchase. You must stay away from gambling or having loans, and save your money instead.

You may gain financially or meet people when traveling with whom you may start a new project. Take freelancing opportunities and give your best since word-of-mouth can help you expand your network and increase your wealth.


The Year of the Fox would not bring dramatic changes in marital life, no wedding for those in relationships or high hopes for singles. Singles natives’ Peach Blossom luck seems to be on the low side in 2021, which leads to limited opportunities to go out and meet new people. However, you must not allow discouragements to hinder you from expanding your friend circle. You can go out and you might meet someone who will make your life beautiful. However, don’t rush and take the time to get into a relationship with the person in life. They have a an affection of people even for the elderly people and aged people. They are family oriented people. But they might not be the most romantic people. 

Traveling abroad seems to be a good idea, in which you are likely to meet someone special. Those in a committed relationship will have to devote their time and energy to their work, which can hamper their love life. In this case, they need to work harder in order to sustain the warmth. Married Pigs must refrain from straying around and not give in to temptations at any cost.



Pigs’ health is not looking too well in the year of the Ox. Pig natives will suffer from small bruises and injuries, but no serious accidents will take place. In the Year of the Ox, Pig natives will feel extremely tired and worn out, which can physically and mentally stress them out. Thus, you must be sure to get plenty of rest and avoid getting near sick friends or relatives. However, if deemed necessary, then opt for hand gloves and face masks to cover you properly. Meanwhile, you may spend a lot of your time under the sun as sunlight is good for your health and skin.

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Were you born on Pig’s year?

According to a Pig fortune in 2021, single people will receive good news once they start setting realistic standards about their ideal partners.

The Chinese Zodiac Signs are a part of Chinese Culture. In times of curiosity, reading predictions is quite comforting for a person who wants to know about the future or the present. You can built stronger relationships in your personal life and well as workplace relationships through predictions about yourself by getting to know your personality more. To even make hard decision in times of hardships. 

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  1. My sister was born on year 1983 which is under the year of the pig and her husband was born under the year of the monkey. And this article says that they are the least compatible with each other, I just wondering if it is right coz my sister has been married for 16 yrs. now and their relationship was strong. I’m just a bit confused.

    • because you cannot just look at the year of birth but also the day, month and hour. These determine the Bazi – eight characters- which is used much more accurately than just using the year pillar. So it is just a reference guide but onky true at 2 out of 8. cheers

    • Im almost 18 years married to a man born in the year of the monkey… We are doing really well.. They should be fine ^_^

  2. Sorry but I don’t believe in this kind of thing, I can say this for the reason that I only believe that we as a person can decide on what path are we going to walk through our lives.

  3. I like this one. The pig is probably an organic zodiac in its current form for its taste and it was never very “natural” in any way that would give people a bit of confidence in it.

  4. This is a good example of what makes a lot of people seem more interested in the biological consequences of the biological process. I remember when the pigs went off in the wild and found nothing else. I have also noticed that some of the people who died in our species have more sense of it than those who did.

  5. I think, that was true, maybe i could get a luck this year 2020 Hopefully, because 2019 wasn’t really good to me and I was born by year of the pig and my life that year 2019 was full of mess and mistakes.
    Thanks for this predictions i’ve got earned some motivations this coming 2020.

  6. Another crappy year? I’m a metal pig (1971) and I still can’t find a good and stable job, a love interest, or stop my stomach issues from making my life hell. I just want some money, a good job, a nice boyfriend, and no stomach/intestinal issues!!

  7. I am born 1995, my husband is year of the rat born 1996. We’ve been trying to conceive for almost 5 years.. Will I finally get pregnant this year?


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